April 12, 2018

On "Winning Eve" and Coming Back

So... Hello! It's more than three years after my last post on Accidentally the Whole Frigate, and I'm here again. I did not leave very graceful -- the final post had nothing to do with my absence, and worse, it had some inaccurate information. If that got anyone blown up... my bad!

Anyway, I'm back, and since I owe a number of people a "what's up?" or "what happened?" explanation, I'm just going to use this place as my soapbox. This is also going to be a bit less "in character" than everything else, but so be it.

"Winning" Eve

I used to often joke about being a "bittervet" -- someone who is grizzled and disillusioned by Eve, but continues playing only due to inertia or factors unrelated to the game itself. At some point though, it went from being a joke to being true. I was frustrated by a number of things, some real and some imagined:
  • Eve's solo and small-gang balance was terrible, and discouraged creativity/innovation
  • The fights in my preferred area of operations (faction warfare) were very sparse
  • What fights I did have consisted of either hunting farmers (boring) or running from the ill-conceived Garmur and Orthrus (which I maintain should not exist as their current concepts), and overpowered T3 destroyers
  • Off-grid boosts
  • The non-fight aspects of Eve seemed to be more and more just pointless chores
  • Rifterlings' membership wanted a different direction for the corp than I did
Colorized copy of the tumor found during Eve's colonoscopy
So I went my own way. In between short hiatuses, I spent some time in a solo corp, some more time with KVA as part of Sev3rance, and trying to found a new corp together with some old friends. It all failed. Once it became clear the treadmill of pointless effort was also affecting me psychologically in real life, I stopped trying.

And that was that. I "won" Eve. Hooray.

Relishing the win

Eve is a special game. It is complex, challenging, and brutally punishing. It requires a high degree of involvement and cooperation, plus a bit of luck to succeed. It served as a mode of escapism for me during some dark times. Through it I met some good friends, and those relationships continued well outside the game. Because of all of this, I can only understate the resentment I felt for the perceived "causes" for my loss of enjoyment in it.

I railed against CCP Fozzie's and CCP Rise's terrible job balancing stuff. I cursed bots, farmers, Goons, and everything wrong with the Eve community. I even considered resubscribing and disbanding Rifterlings, as it had become something I did not recognize anymore (but was thankfully stopped by my fiancee).

It was unpleasant. Ultimately, I ended up having to ignore anything related to Eve to get over it.

No, not this one

I was still a gamer, though. Inevitably, I would play a game or read an article that brought back memories, and enticed me to blow up spaceships. Eventually, in early 2017, I gave it another try: I resubbed, took charge of Rifterlings, and tried to jump in the deep end. It did not last. The same exhaustion with leadership and the game's problems reared its head.

Since then, Eve has changed some, as have I, and here I am again.


I am a sucker for Permaband. That video, combined with some co-workers being interested in trying out Eve, persuaded me to get back into it. This time around though, I tried taking it slow: fly around a bit, join a corp, get more comfortable with the metagame, et cetera. It worked out marvelously! Somewhere under the surface I found the game and fun I missed.

Now, time to go the next step: returning to what I do best. I am, of course, referring to guiding aspiring newbie badasses to success -- both with Rifterlings and with this blog.

Parallel to all of this, Rifterlings lost its way: many burned out, the corp was rudderless (partly due to my fault) and all but died out. A single pilot was active for months and months. It seemed like the best time to sweep out the ashes and begin anew -- and so I did. RLING will once again be a newbie-oriented faction warfare corporation, based in the Minmatar/Amarr warzone, focused on US/AU timezones. Or, more concisely: Rifterlings is recruiting! Join "weflyrifters" in-game for more info. If any old members who quit are wondering what happened with the corp, you can see the original announcement here.

So why all this?

When I get asked something enough, it makes sense to write it down. It also makes sense to write down stuff to make sense of it. That makes sense... I swear.

Anyway, that's all I have today. I'm back, probably for good; this blog will have more content Soon™; you should join Rifterlings...

... oh, and winning Eve is overrated. Cheers!


  1. Welcome back. Just visited your website today for the first time. Looking forward to learn from your posts

  2. Winning... EVE? I win just by logging on. It's !!FUN!! :)

    -'Brun Torrson", frig pilot.

    1. "Winning Eve" is a sarcastic way to say "quit playing Eve", in case you were not aware. Anyway, I happen to agree with you :)

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