December 4, 2014

*Tap Tap* ...Is This Thing On?

So, uh... I'm back! I went away for a little (not so little?) while, and now I'm back, I'm undocked, and I--

I blew up. And I will keep doing it because that's what I do!

The Break

I have been out of the game for 4-5 months, and out of blogging for longer. Why? Acute Bittervet Syndrome. A quick, at-home symptom check for those who think they may be suffering from it:

  • Constantly thinking of the "good ol' days"? 
  • Everything feels repetitive and can't find anything fun to do?
  • Other players seem like irredeemable idiots all the time?
  • Feel compelled to shitpost shiptoast on the Eve Forums all the time?

You may have Acute Bittervet Syndrome! You should take a break.

I'm not kidding. Put some distance between yourself and Eve. Unsubscribe, too. Don't do that wishy washy "skill training online" crap. Unsubscribe, fall out of touch with all but the best friends you've made, and don't make a special effort to keep up with any in-game events. Better, go play another game. I recommend Guild Wars 2. It's refreshingly different from Eve. 

The Return

Now I'm back, complete with losing ships stupidly, and losing ships extremely stupidly. A lot of people seem to be excited about the prospect of my return to shooting things in the face, so I have a quick FAQ for them:

Are you going back to Rifterlings? No. They have departed my vision of the corp, and frankly I sort of want to shoot them. However, they seem to be happy and doing well, so I won't spoil that. Not intentionally, anyway. I am not returning to the corp, however.

Are you going back to faction warfare? No. For my own sanity, I need to do something completely different. Also, FW is dead to me until off-grid boosting is removed.

Will you join <insert your favorite corp/alliance here>? No. I am doing my own thing. Keep reading. 

Can I join you in whatever it is you're doing? No. Well, maybe. Read on.

Are you going to answer any questions with anything but "no"? No. Not in this FAQ anyway.

Cleared things up? Good. Now, here's what I will be doing:

Scrap Metal Squadron [SMSQD]

I am founding a new corporation. Its focus is on solo and small gang PvP in null-sec space. It is being founded by many original/founding members of Rifterlings, and will operate on the same quality-over-quantity approach to small ship / small gang PvP. Because of the higher hostility of null-sec space, requirements for self-sufficiency, dedication, and experience will be higher. 

So... going back to the question: "Can I join you in whatever it is you're doing?" Yes, if you are fine with being a member of a budding corp that is still getting its metaphorical shit together. Eve-mail me or e-mail me to get in touch.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming

I am completely out of touch with the metagame of Eve, especially in the realm of null-sec, so expect some posts about how things work, don't work, or what wonderful explosions can be achieved.



  1. Now that you can queue up a long train of skills, it's far easier to have both "Skill Training offline" and "getting out of touch with EVE". Granted, as my own experience indicates, it's hard to be willing to train skills or whatever during EVE burnout. But works for some people, I suppose.