December 5, 2014

Pro Tip: Super Safe Spots

Here I am roaming in nullsec. Somewhat bored, looking for the ever elusive good fight. My Malediction is thirsty for a fight. Then... I see it! A Crow, coming right for me. It would normally be able to kite most ships, but the Malediction is an interceptor, and I know how to not get kited. I catch it, and go about my business taking it down. It's going well, but then 10 other people enter local! The Crow has friends! I finish him off quickly, warp off to a safe spot (phew!), and go get a drink.

When I come back, I see a bunch of taunting in local chat about how I'm "chicken" because I warped off, and they could not find me on d-scan. Because of this, they had concluded I cloaked: the ultimate coward move.

Have you ever heard of a cloaky interceptor? No? Good, I haven't either. I was not cloaked.

But they couldn't find you in your safe spot using d-scan!

No, they couldn't, as I was using something called a "deep safe". That is, a safe spot that is more than 14 AU away from any object you can warp to. It was even away from all routes of warping from place to place in the system. In fact, it was about 30 AU away from the entire system.

It used to be that these safe spots could be bookmarked by exploiting a variety of bugs or weird mechanics -- like warping to scan probes, or repeated logging off. All of these weird techniques were removed from Eve, and their resultant safe spots were purged back in 2010. So long ago that I had to use the web archive to find the post about it. There were a bunch of upset people, and that was that.

Yet here you are with the deep safe. What did you do??

Let me introduce you to my dear friend, Sansha Kuvakei. He's the one who made this all possible.

Grim looking fellow. Has some sort of crusade going on to destabilize the empires, show capsuleers up, or something like that. I don't actually care that much. What's important though is he likes sieging whole constellations in "incursion" events.

These are very nasty, particularly in nullsec. Space becomes chock-full of nasty ships, your own ship ceases to work properly, there are weird voices in your head, and everything turns a nasty shade of green.

I don't even actually care about that, though. What I do care about is the installations they put up. They appear to be placed randomly throughout the system. They seem to like their personal space though, since in very small systems, these incursion sites end up being scattered way outside the system.

And, of course, they can be bookmarked.  

So what does this all mean?

Look at the space near you. Is there an incursion going on? Would you, at any point in the future, want to have an especially hard to find safe spot in one of those systems? If your answers are yes, you should head over there in a fast frigate to have a look. You never know when our greatest ally, Sansha, is giving you a gift of safety rather than danger.


  1. No! Don't tell everyone. Gosh :P

  2. But don't rely totally on a deep safe either...

    1. Indeed. Fun fact: spots like these can also be found by scattering combat probes set to their maximum radius. You're never 100% save, even in a deep safe spot, but you can certainly cut away at the number of people able/willing to catch you.

  3. Nice info. I tend to keep some BMs of whatever temporary objects I may find (sigs, missions etc.) to save me some hassle of making safes, but those tend to spawn near celestial anyway (presumably, that's precisely to avoid creating deep safes for people).
    Now that you have posted this, I'm expecting CCP to eventually nerf Sansha :P

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