December 13, 2014

Introducing... I BLEW UP!


So you blew up. Good! Well, not good, you lost a ship. Still, this is a learning opportunity. What could you have done differently? If you were to rewind time a few minutes, what would you do leading up to/during your fight to ensure it goes better? What about your fit? Could it be better, or maybe have helped you avoid this situation?

These are the sorts of things you should ask yourself after your ship goes "kaboom". Don't know the questions or the answers? That's fine, I'm here to help.


... Is a chat channel in Eve that I am setting up to help you get through the glorious learning experience that is blowing up.

It's very lonely here right now. :(

So come join up! Channel name: I BLEW UP

Disclaimer: As right now I am the only one running this thing, and I am only active during US Timezone on some evenings, it may be a bit sparse. I claim no responsibility for wild parties happening in the channel during European timezones.

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