February 21, 2013

I Have A Confession: I Do Not Fly Drakes

No really, I don't.

Neither does anyone in my corp (which is named Rifterlings for a reason). We don't (usually) fight outnumbered -- in fact, we are often accused of blobbing for using numbers to compensate for being undershipped. The whole history of the Rifterlings killboard includes only 12 Drake losses; none of those are mine. Of course, this should be evident by the fact I write a frigate blog, and lead a frigate-centric corp.

So, of course, it came as a complete surprise that Kahega and I performing an elaborate satire of complaining about the recent Drake and Hurricane changes would have resulted in a ton of sincere vitriol and derision from the Eve Forum's community. 10 pages of it! It's understandable for those forumgoers who had never heard of Rifterlings (or for some reason did not notice my forum signature emphasizing "frigate PvP"), but I really did not expect admonishment from people who otherwise know the way I operate.

I, for one, am disappointed.

But Petrus! Your reputation!

"You know what is reputation? Is people talking, is gossip."

Really? Reputation? Don't cut my ear off here, but I should hope the actions and outlook I have demonstrated thus far should be far more solid than a thread of me going "oh no my Drake!" If, to reduce this to the absurd, The Mittani started suddenly complaining about his Hulk being ganked, would that "ruin his reputation?"

Please. If my reputation in your eyes was damaged by my sarcastically running my mouth about my love for Drakes, I am disappointed by your grasp of solid facts.

So... What do you actually think about the Retribution balance changes?

They're great. So far as battlecruisers go, I don't think they actually went far enough with the mass nerfs. But, eh. I don't have an organized rant about this ready, so instead, have some random thoughts.

Good Stuff:
  • UI changes: in general, delicious.
  • Frigate changes: great. Could use a little more work (Rifter, Vigil, and a couple others are somewhat unappealing), but overall wonderful changes to bring all the frigates into relevance.
  • New destroyers: awesome.
  • Cruiser changes: good work, but needs iteration. Lots of ships are very usable now, and it's refreshing to run into Mallers, Exequrors, and other seldom-used ships.
  • Battlecruiser changes: Good that all BCs have been brought into relevance. I was hoping it would be achieved more by nerfing tier 2 BCs to the levels of the tier 1 BCs, but the way it was done works too. I have to learn to be careful around Prophecies now apparently.
  • Bounty hunting: far better than the old system. No complaints here.
  • Missile balancing: great. Good to see LMs and T2 missiles being more useful, and HMLs being taken down a notch.
I've been told you like crappy touchpad-drawn illustrations, so have a sad Drake.

Bad Stuff:
  • Frigate changes: Rifter! Y U HAVE NO ROLE‽‽
  • Cruiser changes: Logistics may have been over-buffed, especially relative to their T2 counterparts. An Augoror can achieve capacitor stability (with spider transfer), speed, and repair power similar to the Guardian, while also having higher sensor strength due to more mid slots. The huge gulf in price between the two doesn't seem warranted anymore. It's good to have a T1 option, but it may be too accessible and too powerful. Time will tell.
  • Dueling system: I have been opposed to this from the beginning. I suppose it makes sense to be able to initiate limited engagements at will without using jetcan shenanigans, but dueling still has very little place in Eve. 

The Bottom Line

I am a frigate pilot and a troll. Deal with it.


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