December 20, 2012

Question From A Newbie: "I jumped into a gate camp! Help!"

This question is brought to you by Gibbous Outamon of Rifterlings, and by the letter G (for gank!).

So you're going about your business and jumping through a gate. You arrive on the other side, and find yourself in a group of baddies. Welp.

They want your body.

What do I do?!

Okay, first things first. There is something really important you must do:

No, really. You have 60 seconds of cloak. That's enough time that the enemy gang (depending on its size) could probably kill you over and over and over again. Just relax, and figure out a solution.

The three most common things to do are to either simply warp off, crash the gate, or run the camp. While there are other solutions (fight, light a cyno, cloak-MWD trick, call in the blob/cavalry, etc) they are not within the scope of a sudden "oh god, I'm in a gate camp, what do I do" situation, and thus are not covered here.

Option 1: Warp off

This thing here:

You could definitely try this. However, if you fail (they target you and point you), you will most likely die.

Option 2: Crash the gate

This is a bit more sophisticated than option #1, but it is still pretty simple. The objective is to get back to the gate you came through. Steps:

  1. Find an opportune moment to do this. Either when they are not particularly near you, someone else draws their attention away, or something. If none of these happen, try to wait for as long as you can (to aggravate the campers, or hope something does happen).
  2. Hit "approach" back to the gate.
  3. Hit that propulsion mod! HIT IT HARD! (You do have a propulsion mod, right?)
  4. Turn on any tank modules you have! Active tank, resists, everything! You only need to survive a few seconds!
  6. Once within 4-5 km, spam the heck out of the "jump" button. GOGOGOGOGO!!
  7. If you have a MWD and they turn it off, be cool and coast to the gate. 
  8. Jump!
  9. Mock the assailants in local before changing system.
  10. Watch for anyone following you through the jump. You may need to evade again on the other side.
Or, in lovingly-rendered drawings:
The sound effects are completely necessary for this to work.
Caution: at no point should you return fire! This will stop you from going back through the gate! Don't let the adrenaline get the best of you.

Now, I should specify some caveats:
  • Excessive webs will keep you from reaching the gate. If a Rapier or similar is present, you are likely dead.
  • Microwarpdrive ships are vulnerable to fast-locking enemies with warp scramblers. If there are frigates around, you may have to be extra careful.
Lastly, remember this does not have a 100% success rate. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, but this is usually one of the best ways to escape.

Option 3: Run the camp

This is the least normally applicable thing to do, but it is feasible when your ship is exceptionally fast compared to their ships, and they do not have very good long range capability. Often, if this is true, option #1 is more applicable, but there is a middle ground of cases where #1 is not possible. 

The concept behind it is banking on you being technically "caught", but then escaping. This means that yes, you will be pointed, and will take some damage, but you will be able to somehow escape. This escape is via a combination of sheer speed and blapping their tacklers (frigates/interceptors). Its success rate is iffy, but when it works, you feel like a badass.

Cynabal approves of this product and/or service.
The steps:
  1. Make sure your overview is showing all brackets in space (yes, including moons). 
  2. Look around for a warp-able celestial object with no enemies "in your path". This is a judgment call -- there is not much advice I can give here. If you are in a bubble in nullsec, try to also find the fastest way out of it possible.
  3. Select it, hit "align". Turn on and overheat your propulsion mod.
  4. Watch for enemy response.
    1. If fast ships start chasing you, hold your course and mow them down.
    2. If long-range ships are pounding you too hard, try to alter course to break their tracking (if they're guns, not missiles).
  5. Stick around to mess with them (particularly effective in a Vagabond or Cynabal), or warp off.
  6. Mockery is required.

And, of course, the caveats:
  • This is a bit more resilient to webs, but a Rapier still spells doom.
  • Does not work if they have high long range damage (artillery, heavy missiles, etc)
  • If you screw it up and something heavy/resilient tackles you, you're screwed.
  • Kiting experience is very useful in pulling this off.
  • If you die doing it, you look very stupid.

So, when do I do each of these?

I was going to do a long-winded explanation of this, but I can't think of any better one than just a flow chart. So... here you go (click to zoom in): 

And, last but not least...

Good luck, and don't beat yourself up for dying if you do. Learning to avoid and handle gate camps is really hard.

Now, go forth and pew!


  1. 60 second session cloak? I'm fairly certain it's only 30 seconds.

    1. Nope, just checked manually. It's 60 seconds.

      I was unsure at the time of writing, too, but I had found more reliable sources saying 60 seconds so that's what I put. I can now confirm it as true.

    2. Well, damn. I just checked too and it turns our you're right. I stand corrected!

    3. 60 secs just feels REAAAAALLLYYY short when you're surrounded by red/orange/flashy-red dudes. lol

  2. 30 seconds immunity, 30 more seconds cloaked but vulnerable (bombs, smartbombs, etc).

  3. Nice info, writing style made me smile.

    Eve noob

  4. Great info. Drawings make me rofl. Reading in a bus, ppl giving me looks hehehe.