August 13, 2012

Rifterlings Frigate Tournament #1 - Punishers Rock

So, let's end this prolonged absence. Recently, Rifterlings had its first frigate tournament, organized by Kahega Amielden. Woohoo!

Okay fine, maybe you don't find that too exciting, and you're just here for talk about frigates. If so, then you're actually in luck, because I am going to give you the super-duper scoop on the different matchups and how they went. So, let's begin with:

Round 1: Punisher vs Merlin

Transmaritanus battled Cara Mayson, coming out the winner using his Punisher. The key to this was actually the Punisher having an energy neutralizer.


The Merlin has a Caldari capacitor (read: very weak), which it was depending on to run its blasters, afterburner, and invulnerability field. The latter is especially draining on frigates, which resulted in an easy win for Transmaritanus, who shut Cara's Merlin down. The Merlin being weak to lasers probably didn't help.

Round 1: Slasher vs Incursus

Shan T'var defeated JAk Oliver by using a kiting Slasher with 200mm autocannons. JAk was absolutely unable to close the more than 10 km distance with his Incursus, and was kited to death.

Too fast!

The choice in 200mm autocannons for kiting is interesting, as Shan was kiting outside of scrambler range (more than 10 km). As you may know, despite recent improvements in the slasher's design, it does not bonus its guns' falloff range, which makes kiting with it difficult. Still, Shan pulled it off for a win!

Round 1: Slasher vs Incursus (again)

This fight actually swung the other way, with Babar Baboli beating BadMrFr0sty's Slasher using his Incursus. I actually don't have a killmail link for this one, as it was won by time-out.


See, the tournament had a special feature to prevent draws: a capture point. Similar to how faction warfare complexes can be captured by one party staying within the capture range for the proper amount of time, the arena had a "beacon" at the center, which could be captured by either side staying in range of it for 2 minutes.

Babar's Incursus had dual armor repairers, while Frosty's Slasher had artillery. This match was pretty much lost for Frosty from the start, as artillery has no chance of penetrating the Incursus' active tank. Babar wasn't able to catch Frosty, so he just sat on the beacon for two minutes, winning the match.

Round 1: Punisher vs Rifter

Antenes triumphed over Khon in a Amarr vs Minmatar kite-off. Saw it coming?

Khon had a shield-fit Rifter that was set up for kiting. The Punisher, however, had two advantages: great range projection, and perfect damage to kill the Rifter's shields. Khon may have won if he foresaw these and orbited close to the Punisher instead of kiting, but alas he did not, which resulted in Antenes having a great time blasting the Rifter away.

Round 2: Punisher vs Slasher

In a fight reminiscent of the last one, Transmaritanus beat Shan's kiting Slasher in a kite-off.

Pew pew!
Similarly to in the last fight, and perhaps even more so, Shan had range control, but didn't use it fully to break  Transmaritanus' tracking. This resulted in the Punisher sitting back and frying the Slasher with its lasers.

Round 2: Incursus vs Punisher

Antenes fought Babar Baboli's Incursus and won using his Punisher.

Pew pew pew!
Antenes actually sported a web and afterburner, which gave him the winning range control over Babar's dual-repairer Incursus. Of course, the Punisher's damage wasn't enough to kill the Incursus, but it was enough to sap it dry of capacitor boosters, after which point it was an easy victory. The Incursus could do little to the Punisher orbiting it at 8-9 km, as Babar appears to have made an equipment mistake and loaded Void ammo (short range, high damage) ammo instead of Null ammo (long range, lower damage) for his blasters.

Final Round: Punisher vs Punisher

In an exciting final round, Transmaritanus beat Antenes in a "mirror" duel.

Pew pew pew pew!

Transmaritanus ended up coming out on top because of better micromanagement of laser crystals and range control, which was compounded  by a couple slip-ups in piloting by Antenes. So, congratulations to Transmaritanus on his victory, and the free fitted T2 frigate he won!

But wait, there's more!

Bonus round: Punisher + Punisher vs. Republic Fleet Rifter + Imperial Navy Tormentor

To top off the event, the winner and runner up got to fight a duo-duel with some very expensively fit frigates piloted by Kahega and myself, with the reward being claiming any loot that dropped from our ships. The result?

You guessed it: Pew pew pew pew pew!
At the start, Kahega and I had a miscommunication, leading to him entering the fight with the two Punishers far before I was able to help, resulting in him dying first. Once I got on the field, I was able to quickly finish off Antenes, who was in a Rifter because he accidentally let his Punisher get killed by station guns. It then came down to a Punisher vs Tormentor fight, which I lost mostly due to the Punisher's extra tank, and the fact that Transmaritanus was packing an armor repairer on his Punisher -- which was very effective at reducing the already little damage my lasers dealt to his armor. 

It was very close, but in the end it was a good fight and all the delicious faction drops went to Antenes and Transmaritanus. Congratulations to them!

Some closing thoughts from Kahega

Shamelessly ripped off of the Rifterlings forums:

Fights are often won before the first shot is fired. Some fits just will not work against other fits if the pilot is in control of what they're doing. "Typical" PVP fits are usually rather versatile and capable of taking almost anything. You can do a lot of "gimmicky" things that are extremely effective in circumstances, but usually these have major problems elsewhere.  
A lot of you flew some rather inventive stuff - dual-rep incursopodes, kiting slashers (both AC and artillery). However, in the end, the winner and runner up were just some guys who flew some rather mundane laser punishers. 

In other words... When it comes to who's really on top, it's the pilots, not the ships. This tournament featured some very innovative and intelligent flying, and actually surpassed our expectations for skill displayed and fun had.

Stay tuned for details on other Rifterlings tournaments in the future!

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