March 4, 2012

How Not To Be Dead (Lowsec Edition)

So, Rifterlings has just come under a war declaration from a corp called "dresi Corp". They claim the reason for doing so is wanting to eat our souls, and getting revenge on us for can-flipping their "sister mining corp" (which I am pretty sure we didn't do, but whatever). Anyway, as most people in the corp are newbies, I was going to write a corp email with instructions on how not to give the aggressors easy kills, but decided instead to  make this a public blog, for all you lowsec dwellers who want to not be caught dead.

There are several things you can do to not die. The first is...

Not Being Seen

Pretty self-explanatory. The easiest way to not be killed is to not log on or not undock. However, this is boring and there is not much I can do to explain it. So, on to...

Insta-warp Points

An insta-warp point (or an "insta" for short) is a bookmark located directly in front of the undock. They are useful for avoiding station-camps. But how?

Warping away requires two things:

  • Your ship is pointing in the right direction.
  • You are going at least at 75% of your max speed
.When you hit the "warp" button, your ship attempts to remedy both of these, and what results is a time in which you are "aligning". If you have a safe spot aligned right in front of you on the undock, then the first condition is already satisfied. Undocking launches you out at your max speed, so the second one is satisfied too. These being pre-satisfied result in... an insta-warp! This screws over anyone station camping you.

Unfortunately, instas require preparation in the form of actually going out and creating said bookmark. To do that, just undock in a fast ship during a safe time (not being station camped) and use a microwarpdrive to burn out 200+ km out, then make a bookmark. Make sure to test it a few times -- the angle of the undock varies. If the spot fails on even one of the tests, you need to re-make it or adjust it to ensure safety.

For those in Rifterlings who are reading this, insta bookmarks are provided in the corp bookmarks for popular stations we use. As we might well be now (or later) infiltrated by a spy, enemies could have copies of these bookmarks, so do not wholly rely on them. Make your personal ones for maximum safety.

Cloak-Microwarpdrive Trick

Just as instas are the solution to station camps, the cloak-MWD trick is the solution to gate camps. However, it can be countered if they have fast enough and skilled enough tacklers, plus it requires a T2 cloak. I have already written another blog post on that, though, so go read it instead. To supplement that post, have a video of someone from Morsus Mihi demonstrating this tactic:

Safe Spots

They can't kill you if they can't find you. A safe spot is a bookmark of a spot that is not at any warp-able spot in a solar system. You can make one by hitting the Create Bookmark button while you are in the middle of a warp. You can then warp to that bookmark and be really hard to find.

The only way that your would-be killers can catch you is by probing you down. Even that can be made extremely difficult for them if you continually warp between safe spots, making more safe spots as you go, and trashing old ones.

Alternatively, you could cloak and go get a snack for maximum infuriation!
Can't catch me now!

Flying a Rifter around is all fine and good when you can jump into any system with impunity, and even if you get killed by a camp, you only lose 500k ISK. However, fly anything that is not practically free and you start seeing the value of scouts. Sending someone ahead (even an alt) in a really cheap frigate is invaluable to the health of bigger ships. Interceptors also work really well, as they often cannot be easily killed by gate camps.

Listening to Your FC

When the guy leading your fleet says "align only" or "don't jump yet", he isn't saying it out of a desire for power or control (usually). He is saying it because if you did the alternative, something bad would happen. Targets could get away, or someone could lose their ship. Everyone might even lose their ship as the result. Everyone hates someone who doesn't follow orders.

Don't be the guy who makes your FC do that. Just don't.

Common Sense

There are a surprising amount of people who do not apply common sense to war situations. What does war mean? It means that there is a select group of people out there who want to kill you and can kill you absolutely anywhere with no CONCORD consequences. That means:

  • Watch local
  • No mining
  • No running around in industrials
  • Absolutely no feeling safe in hisec. Period.

The Bottom Line

They are paying for a chance for you to kill them. Take advantage of it by killing them, and by not dying yourself.

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