February 27, 2012

Domain Transfer!

It is time!

The Blackshell Ship Log is changing into Accidentally The Whole Frigate, and transferring address from http://blackshell-eve.blogspot.com to http://thewholefrigate.com.

Initially, I was intending to transfer to another Blogspot domain, but that would involve breaking the old domain and every single link in every old post ever. Going through and fixing all of them would have felt something like this:

So I just registered the new domain and got it over with. It may take a few hours for the new domain to start working, though, so bear with me so far as broken redirects go. Change your bookmarks to avoid unnecessary redirecting all over the place!

This was a public service announcement from your friendly local Rifter pilot, who regularly accidentally his whole frigate.

Here's to many more entries in the future! o7

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