February 27, 2012

Domain Transfer!

It is time!

The Blackshell Ship Log is changing into Accidentally The Whole Frigate, and transferring address from http://blackshell-eve.blogspot.com to http://thewholefrigate.com.

Initially, I was intending to transfer to another Blogspot domain, but that would involve breaking the old domain and every single link in every old post ever. Going through and fixing all of them would have felt something like this:

So I just registered the new domain and got it over with. It may take a few hours for the new domain to start working, though, so bear with me so far as broken redirects go. Change your bookmarks to avoid unnecessary redirecting all over the place!

This was a public service announcement from your friendly local Rifter pilot, who regularly accidentally his whole frigate.

Here's to many more entries in the future! o7

February 8, 2012

How To Counter A Slicer With A Raptor

Caldari interceptors are often looked down on as the weakest interceptor specimens. The Raptor usually gets a bad rap because of it being the slowest of the tackle interceptors, while not having the tank to make up for it. Additionally, people get hung up over fitting it for damage so much that they forget what tackle interceptors are really good at.

But I'm not talking about a "properly-fit" Raptor here. Tackling Raptors are pretty thinly-tanked, and get blown out of the sky by Slicers. Not this one, though. What happened there?

Afterburner Tracking Disrupting Interceptor

... That's what. Or, more specifically, this fit.

Tracking Disruptor
As I enjoy flying fast frigates, I like to take advantage of their biggest pluses: high speed and low signature radius. Together, it means they are hard to track -- particularly if afterburner-fit. Even with a plain afterburner setup, though, bigger ships will kill you if they have a stasis webifier, and other frigates still likely track you just fine. My solution? Use a faster ship (interceptor) and break their tracking further with a tracking disruptor!

The tracking disruptor can be equipped with two different operation scripts: an Optimal Range Disruption one, which results in dividing the optimal and falloff ranges of the target ship in half; and a Tracking Speed Disruption script, which results in reducing the tracking speed of the target to half of what it was.

So, let's take the Raptor vs Slicer scenario:

Imperial Navy Slicer
The Slicer is quite an amazing frigate. It is mindbogglingly fast and agile (think 4-5 km/s fast), and can easily hit out to 20 km with Medium Pulse Laser IIs. It usually orbits its victim at 18-20 km (presumably outside the victim's range) and burns it with its lasers without taking a single point of damage. But... what happens when it encounters a Raptor like mine?

I engaged the Slicer and plugged an Optimal Range Disruption script in. As I was using blasters, I was not able to hit out to 20 km where he was -- but he was not able to hit past 10 km either. Even so, he was far faster than I was, as he had a microwarpdrive and I only had an afterburner. So, being cocky and thinking "it's only a Raptor, and he doesn't even have me pointed", he approached and tried to take swipes at me from 12-13 km, from where he could indeed score hits on me. What he did not realize, though, is that the Raptor gets a bonus to warp scrambler range. Overheating it, I was able to hit him with the warp scrambler at 13 km.

His microwarpdrive off (and his speed neutralized), I began the approach with my afterburner overheated full blast. As I got closer, I switched my tracking disruptor off -- and swapped in the Tracking Speed Disruption script. The rest was history. I orbited him at 500m at my afterburner speed of 1400 m/s, and he was hardly able to hit me while I pecked away at him.

And then Kahega came in to get the last shot because it is apparently unacceptable for a Raptor to get a solo kill.

The Lesson

The tracking disruptor is an often under-appreciated module, but just like all forms of electronic warfare, it can change the tide of battles, or cause very surprising wins (that was a 1v1 despite the others showing up). I have also tackled a couple of Cynabals with this (though my gang failed to kill them), and almost solo killed a Loki on a lowsec gate.
My favorite ship to do this tracking disruptor trick on is the Malediction -- it is fast, relatively tanky, has a low signature radius, and does not itself care about tracking (it uses rockets). Feel free to try it yourself sometime. The Stiletto is also effective, as it can fit a MWD or a web in the extra mid slot (never use a shield tank while doing this).

The important point? Electronic warfare can be effective even on non-EW specific ships. You just have to use it mindfully.

Of course, you could try something different, too. Afterburner tracking disrupting interceptor is so crazy it worked, so find your own setup that does the same. I'm sure there are more out there.

February 3, 2012

Accidentally the Whole Frigate

Update (2018-05-31): This post did not age very well, since the new authors posted very little stuff, then quit. Oh well.

The Blackshell Ship Log is evolving! As some of you may have noticed, the theme was re-done to be cleaner, and (if you were paying attention very well) to not contain as many hacks to make it work right. Aside from these technical changes, there are some more important things: a couple of new authors are stepping up to the plate: Arcadia Heterodyne and Kahega Amielden.

As it would no longer be appropriate to call it the Blackshell Ship Log, it is also getting a name change, to Accidentally the Whole Frigate. As Arcadia, Kahega and myself are mainly frigate pilots, the blog will continue to focus on frigate adventures, newbie tips and tricks, and other such things. But now, calling you to attention: the blog will also be moving its address. I am going to keep this post up at blackshell-eve.blogspot.com for a little while (to give all my readers a chance to get the message) and then transferring the blog to a new address (likely thewholefrigate.blogspot.com).

Pew pew!
Now that that's over with, let's have a short biography of the new authors:

Arcadia Heterodyne

Nicknamed "Miss Antimatter" by friends, Arcadia is a relatively novice capsuleer (compared to Kahega and myself) who enjoys doing just that: chucking antimatter at everything, using her blasters. She also enjoys loosing large flights of drones to swarm targets, and likes long walks on the beach.

She is an excellent writer, and has often ranted at me about the various spelling or grammar crimes I commit in my posts. She also has perspective that I lack -- the experience of being a primarily Gallente pilot. She has never flown a Rifter, and I don't think I will ever be able to convince her to. She will, however, tell you all about how fun Incursi (Incursuses? Incursopodes?) are, and maybe even how the word is pluralized and why.

Kahega Amielden

Some of you may recognize Kahega as the author of Kahega's Ninja Salvaging Guide. That guide is a bit aged now, but still relevant and a source of great info about how to best barge into other pilots' mission sites to steal their stuff. He is also one of the original members of Suddenly Ninjas, and may be partly responsible for Dodixie's mediocrity as a trade hub.

Other than being a petty criminal, Kahega is actually not that bad a guy. He has experienced very many of the different aspects of capsuleer life, and enjoys passing that knowledge to newcomers in the form of advice and tips. He was actually one of my mentors as I began my capsuleer career, and has even served as inspiration for some posts on this blog.

That's all for now, folks. I will be nudging the two new authors to write more about themselves at some point, but until then, remember the upcoming blog address change!