January 20, 2012

Rifterlings (or, a Shameless Recruitment Plug)

If you were tracking my employment history (you stalker, you) you would have noticed that I am not a member of Ushra'Khan anymore. Shocking, I know. The alliance was heading in a direction I honestly found boring, and had little use for my skills at dying horribly in frigates, so I transferred to a small corporation I run:


I had founded Rifterlings as an alternative to the old Shioshi frigate combat corporation, as Shioshi did not want to maintain Ushra'Khan ties, but I did. We had a few members, and Rifterlings was even part of Ushra'Khan for a while. However, in the end it did not take off, and I put it into hibernation about a year ago.

Now... it's getting kick-started again -- in the Minmatar Militia, this time. I'm not going to repeat all the details found in our FAQ or recruitment page, but I will say you should really check them out. You should also check out the gallery, where we try our hand at finding the best looking spacescapes across New Eden.

And lastly, you should join us. If you can fly a combat frigate or cruiser and you don't care about your Amarr standings... you're perfect! Come fly with us and be a crazy frigate pilot!

Fly dangerous!

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  1. I was wondering what was up with U'K now that my subscription has finally expired. You'll have to fill me in sometime.