September 22, 2011

Offended by Offensive Drones

Wow, it's been a long time. Let's pick up from where I (sort of) left off: drones. Something happened to me a while ago that I would like to tell you all about, and to warn any drone-toting peoples about.

So, I was roaming solo in this neat Rupture.

I was set up for speed and long range engagement with 425mm Autocannon II's loaded with Barrage ammo. That means I could orbit and peck away at any ship of size comparable to mine from relatively safe distance of 20-ish km away.

So, in my roaming, I come upon this lone Imperial Navy Slicer on a gate.

"This is perfect!" I think. "The Slicer also engages at long range, like I do, but it's a frigate, so I can tear it to shreds! It can't be this easy though, he definitely has friends. Oh. There they are."

As the Slicer activates his warp disruptor and starts shooting me, in come a few other frigates: Dramiel, Taranis, Ishkur, and Kitsune. A nice assortment, but way too much for a lone Rupture to handle.

So, I jump to the next system, re-approach the gate, and wait.

Suddenly, the gate flashes. The four friends of the Slicer's have (correctly) decided to pursue me. The Slicer is not with them, since he still has an aggression timer from shooting me.

"I can use the same tactic that separated him from them to separate them from him." I think. "Let them all attack me, then I jump through and I'm all alone and personal with my buddy, the Slicer. For this, though, I need to make them believe I will stand and fight."

So, I throw out my drones. In combat between bigger ships, this is always an indication the pilot wants to fight.

All four of them attack me. They fell for it! I tell my drones to withdraw, and try to jump.

The stargate denies you permission to jump for the moment due to your recent acts of aggression.

Why? How?!

The drones. The morons shot my attackers in "self-defense". Now I'm scrambled, jammed, webbed, and taking heavy damage. I slowly facepalm as...

Yeah. I already knew this lesson though... Or, should have. It is very dangerous to keep your drones set in "aggressive" mode. Sure, they will attack hostile targets even though jams, but they won't consider not attacking either. This can be especially risky for high-sec mission runners, or for others for whom limiting aggression is preferred.

So, lesson learned: all my drones are now "passive".

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