November 6, 2010

Learning From Your Losses

Update (2018-05-31):  Battleclinic went under at some point since I wrote this entry, so all the links are broken, and I really can't be bothered to find all of these on zKillboard. Sorry!
For a while now I've wanted to write up a post on how to best learn when you die (as it really is the best way to learn). However, I can't quite seem to have the inspiration for exactly what to write so it helps everyone. But today, I had an idea! I'll just list my first several losses (as identified by BattleClinic) and give the lessons short titles. Here we go.
  1. Rifter - - "Dramiels suck." (also what the hell was I doing carrying around those battleship fittings?!)
  2. Rifter - - "Carbonized Lead S does no damage."
  3. Rifter - - "Disorganized militia fleets are not conductive to hull integrity."
  4. Thrasher - - "Most one-sided fight ever"; or "I accidentally a whole mid slot."
  5. Thrasher - - "Solo travel through hostile 0.0 is painful."
  6. Rifter - - "Bubbles suck."
  7. Hoarder - - "Hauling a single Rifter in an untanked hauler, during a war."
  8. Rifter - - "Gate camps suck."
  9. Rifter - - "Gate camps suck extra bad."
  10. Rifter - - "Failed the official Rifter skill test: killing a Crusader solo"; or "Interceptors really aren't all as harmless as a SML Crow."
  11. Slasher - - "Wheee!"
Most of these still apply. Make what you will of what to learn from these losses.  Most of these fits aren't horribad because I got a lot of great advice from more veteran players.

But enough negativity and speaking of losses. How about some of my first kills?

  1. Coercer - - "Lowsec camping is actually kind of boring."
  2. Raven - - "Why can a Stiletto tackle so fast?!...  oh."
  3. Harbinger - - "I just need to be more reckless to tackle first! Hah!"
  4. Drake - - "Yeah! I got a po-- ouch"; or "Dreaks suck."
  5. Jaguar - - "Wait, he was blue?"
After that it sort of blurs, since the losses outnumbered the kills (or at least, so I think). By the time I arrived at this point (Hi Aralis!!) I had already started this series of logs to share what knowledge I gained with others who need it.

At any rate, I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my epic fails!

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