October 20, 2010

Curatores Veritatis Alliance

Shioshi Corp is now (finally) officially on the infamous "KOS List" (Kill on Sight List) of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance.
I'm really shaking in my boots here. The self-proclaimed "CONCORD of 0.0" (now "CONCORD of lowsec") have me set as an enemy of theirs. The alliance that supports the dirty Amarr slaver dogs' expansionist plans with their "Deliverance". As if they were even committed to this goal of holding Providence at all; for when Against All Authorities, Ushra'Khan, and their allies attacked this year, CVA was not the one on the front lines defending Providence. They let all their allies die in hopes that by the time we got to them, we would be too "worn out" to take their space too. The alliance that display their might on their public portal using a Crusader, Vengeance... and an enormous freighter (Providence-class, ironically).

Yeah, they have me set red. What does this mean? Oh, just that CVA and their bunch of wonderful allies will "hamper" my passing through Providence. All of this reminds me of something... I can't put my finger on it though...

I am especially scared because my crime was shooting one of their bombers... who I was orbiting in my Stiletto for a good few minutes without scrambling him. Oh I did have a delightful conversation with him, too!

[02:03:59] Petrus Blackshell > hello
[02:04:00] beastkiller69 > hello
[02:04:16] beastkiller69 > what are u doing if u dont myind me asking?
[02:04:27] Petrus Blackshell > yellow boxing and orbiting you
[02:04:40] beastkiller69 > why?
[02:05:09] Petrus Blackshell > because i want to and the button was big and red?
[02:05:13] Petrus Blackshell > oh wait, that's the fire button
[02:06:10] beastkiller69 > if u would like to do it
[02:06:24] Petrus Blackshell > i would, but... gate guns :(
[02:06:43] beastkiller69 > aww im sorry
[02:07:25] beastkiller69 > that u cant tank some lttle gate guns
[02:07:32] Petrus Blackshell > im a frigate o_O
[02:07:39] Petrus Blackshell > those things have perfect tracking
[02:07:54] Petrus Blackshell > i cant dodge/tank them
[02:08:00] Petrus Blackshell > so i like to pretend im pvping
[02:08:10] beastkiller69 > your friend
[02:08:25] Petrus Blackshell > ?

// Rodensteiner attacks him, and I point him. beastkiller69 dies.

[02:09:03] Petrus Blackshell > helps to read corp website :)
[02:09:14] Petrus Blackshell > anti-slaver pilots here
[02:11:29] beastkiller69 > and u attack a member of cva
[02:11:43] Petrus Blackshell > cva supports the expansionist policies of the amarr empire
[02:12:07] beastkiller69 > i just saying one corp a ginst alliance is not smart tactics
[02:12:27] Petrus Blackshell > i disagree, would you like to prove shioshi otherwise?
[02:12:42] beastkiller69 > what?
[02:13:06] Petrus Blackshell > if it's not smart tactics, then you probably have a reason for saying so
[02:15:38] Petrus Blackshell > i'm asking you to give me a reason, especially if it involves guns rather than words
[02:16:06] Petrus Blackshell > though, as an ex-U'K pilot, i can understand if you can't use guns properly -- something against the core principles of CVA
[02:16:13] beastkiller69 > you will be put on the koc list
[02:16:28] Petrus Blackshell > you mean KOS?
[02:16:38] beastkiller69 > yes mis typeing
[02:16:43] beastkiller69 > but yes
[02:16:50] Petrus Blackshell > i am officially frightened :)
[02:17:17] beastkiller69 > you and your seven man corp hahahhaha
[02:17:25] Petrus Blackshell > mhm
[02:17:52] beastkiller69 > i think its funny
[02:18:02] beastkiller69 > no providence
[02:18:13] Petrus Blackshell > i think it's funny that you think your KOS will keep us out of provi
[02:18:42] Petrus Blackshell > there are many more competent NBSI pilots there who pose no obstacle
[02:18:46] beastkiller69 > oh and by the way we are nice thats why i didnt attack you we attack reds not neuts
[02:19:13] Petrus Blackshell > if it makes you feel better, you were red to me before i shot you
[02:19:56] beastkiller69 > u miss understand the polices of cva
[02:20:11] beastkiller69 > we are like the concord of lowsec in a way
[02:20:28] Petrus Blackshell > mm yes i heard a quote once
[02:20:37] Petrus Blackshell > CVA is like concord, except weaker, and usually late
[02:21:44] beastkiller69 > but we are trying arent we to put some security in lowsec
[02:22:06] Petrus Blackshell > so you're *wannabe* concord
[02:22:08] Petrus Blackshell > allright
[02:22:37] beastkiller69 > if someone attacked u and you asked for help we would have helped
[02:22:51] Petrus Blackshell > that's not how fighting works?
[02:23:20] Petrus Blackshell > remember you're talking to an ex-member of Ushra'Khan and Damu'Khonde, and that Shioshi works in full cooperation with Damu'Khonde
[02:24:45] Petrus Blackshell > i have fought and killed plenty of CVA in the past
At this point he quit the chat. I was going to tell him to stop fooling himself, and that CVA's petty illusion of safety is just that: an illusion. But I guess that is now a message for whoever reads this log who is not involved in Providence.
You know you fear the military might of CVA.

Things are getting  interesting. After failing to suck up to the Northern Coalition, CVA has now got a new lease on 0.0 due to the Noir mercenaries' recent "gift". And I can tell you, after being mostly stuck in lowsec lately, CVA are going to be crowding the Providence asteroid belts. In addition, the rumor that their pods make a special satisfying squelchy crunchy sound when they blow up... is totally true.

Correction: Apparently my red standings got lost somewhere in their paperwork, so I am not red to them yet. I guess I just have to kill more of their things. Maybe a Providence.

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  1. Hmm, quick comment for anyone who actually looked at that kill post. The bomber had a tech-1 cloak, meta 3 siege launchers, and an otherwise meta 0 fit. I dunno about you, but a bomber becomes THAT much less useful when it cannot move while cloaked.