September 23, 2010

Upcoming Ship Designs Leaked!

Ship manufacturers big and small are apparently driving their blueprint scientists to the end of their powers to achieve the next breakthrough in ship design. Rumors of this movement have been perpetrated across the four empires, but no actual prototypes have been leaked (or if they have, they were promptly reduced to metal scraps).

However, through a covert organization of deviants, some capsuleers (including yours truly) have gained access to a growing repository of preliminary designs and blueprints. You should explore them yourself, but I currently have my eye on one specific design, the "Arc Light" frigate, a stroke of brilliance by a Matari designer.

This beauty is designed with the tried-and-true Rifter model in mind, and with its successors, the Jaguar and Wolf providing inspiration for its firepower. However, it supplements existing Matari technology with the advanced knowledge gained from exploration into deep wormhole space. By using Sleeper technology, this frigate will effectively be a smaller, faster Loki, with just as much potential for power.

Sadly, I cannot transmit the actual blueprint over this channel, as it has Fabrication Rights Management technology built-in.

However, there is a dark side to these great news. My sources deep undercover in Amarr workhouses have informed me that the death toll of indentured intellectuals has gone through the roof. An "indentured intellectual" is a very rare form of slave, where the Amarr forgo the regular obedience and mind-numbing implants on especially bright slaves in order to not limit their intellect. However, this means that in order to quell rebellion, they resort to more primitive forms of control: fear and pain.

Indentured intellectuality is rare enough on a regular basis, but a new wave of masters thirstier for money than a Deteis on his last billion ISK has driven this practice into overdrive, using methods more terrifying than ever (that I shall not recount here). Unsurprisingly, riding on the ingenuity of the Matari people, there is a plethora of new Amarr and Caldari ship designs that I have laid eyes on.

But I swear to you, you slaver dogs, for every drop of Matari blood you have spilled, I shall vent six liters of your own into space. Watch your back. I come for my people.

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