September 14, 2010

Shioshi Corporation

In  my last entry, I mentioned divulging details about my post-Damu'Khonde plans "later". Well, now is "later", so I present to you the Shioshi Corporation.

Founded in collaboration with SmackyJan, another ex-Damu'Khonde frigate pilot, Shioshi corporation intends to take the freedom fight to where supercapital fleets cannot go. It is a small corporation operating in all areas of security, dedicated to bringing slavers to their knees using the might of tactics and light ships. For more details, check the corporation's details page.

If you are a frigate or cruiser pilot who wants to join in the freedom fight, there is no experience required. Contact SmackyJan or yours truly for recruitment

Slavers, slaver sympathizers, slavery denialists, industrialists, and battleship-only pilots need not apply.

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