September 11, 2010

Au Revoir, Providence

Yesterday, I made the hard decision to take my leave of Providence.

It is not a decision I made lightly, since I could not ask for a better corporation to fight alongside of than the Minmatar Ship Construction Services. Plus, it gave me a good reason to fight. However, as you may know my reading these logs of mine, I am a fairly reckless pilot who flies small ships. With the recent sabotage of Ushra'Khan's sovereignty, and the subsequent fall of the jump bridge network, I lost my source of income that could upkeep my Rifter losses. Additionally, with the recent invasion by Pandemic Legion, it has become very difficult to operate as a frigate pilot.

On top of that, in light of the current and upcoming sovereignty warfare, I found myself in the uncomfortable position of not being able to fly any of the ships required for operations. As such, I am moving out of Providence to contribute to freedom fighting efforts elsewhere. More details on my plans later.

However, note how I said "au revoir", not another "farewell" phrase that implies permanency. I am not abandoning the cause I fight for, and I am not abandoning Damu'Khonde. I will go wherever the fight for freedom of the Minmatar people takes me, and do whatever it takes.

We come for our people!

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