June 18, 2010

Rules of Engagement

I normally avoid commenting on politics since there's a lot of exciting stuff that goes on without regards to it. However, recently there have been some important changes in the Providence region.
Ushra'Khan has finally secured the Providence region well enough to declassify it as NRDS. But before that, I should explain what the two most common ROEs (Rules of Engagement) are:

  • NBSI - Not Blue, Shoot It - The most common ROE in 0.0 and lowsec, it just means, shoot anything that is not blue. This is mostly done for security (from neutral spies) and for having stuff to shoot.
  • NRDS - Not Red, Don't Shoot - In other words "unless it is explicitly an enemy, don't shoot it". This means neutrals can live in the space safely.
Ushra'Khan has just de-classified the Providence region (all of which is 0.0) to NRDS from the previous state of NBSI, hence returning it to the status quo of years ago, back during the previous time we held Providence. Ushra'Khan remains NBSI in Catch, and we reserve the right to hunt neutrals who are serving the Amarrian cause into the Amarr Empire. In other regions, Ushra'Khan has a policy of NRDS.

What does this mean to you? You can come down to Providence to play!

Even though Ushra'Khan has reverted to NRDS in Providence, it does not mean that everyone here is allied. Many of the alliances here still run a NBSI policy, often conflicting with Ushra'Khan, which results in them being set red (take Agony, for example).

Unlike the previous Providence block, the new one does not enforce a "red list" or "blue list" that all residents must conform to. Instead, the only law is no sovereignty warfare. This means that any attempt to plant SBUs or TCUs will result in full retaliation from the United Providence, regardless of their red or blue standings to each other. This policy has facilitated defense against CVA, Paxton Federation, or their other friends.

But really, what does this mean? Drop by Providence and neither Ushra'Khan, nor Star Fraction or the other NRDS alliances will shoot you. We even allow station access in most of our stations to neutrals. Who says you can't get sweet kills in 0.0 if you don't live in 0.0? You certainly can.

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