January 13, 2010

Ship Log Initiation

Update (2018-05-31): The original intent for the blog was to be more of an in-character "log" rather than a collection of tips and guides, but that turned out to just not be very interesting. Still, the first post reflects that intent.

Greetings. My name is Petrus Blackshell. I am starting this ship's log in hopes of remembering my adventures, lessons learned, and fun times had, and in hope of sharing them with those interested.
Let me begin with a chronicle of my career so far. After my studies at the Brutor Tribe Academy, I started my adventures as a capsuleer, working with various agents for security purposes, such as foiling the Angel Cartel's, and other pirates', plans in the Minmatar Republic. I have also worked with the Servant Sisters of EVE to eliminate a drone infestation and to track its roots. Throughout this time, I grew in my skills as a pilot, and started broadening my interests in ship types, beginning to fly the trusty Thrasher destroyer.
As I traveled to bring down the drone problem I mentioned earlier, though, I had a chance to visit all the four different empires. I have always held Gallente technology and culture in high esteem, but being surrounded by it was overwhelming. It is remarkable what people with freedom on their hearts can accomplish, and I am proud to have flown with them. I do not understand why the Caldari would choose to reject such a life for the money-driven one they have, but whatever. Their efficiency is remarkable, even if the results as far as visual appeal are not... pretty.
However, while the two free empires hold my admiration, I was appalled by what I found in Amarr. I had heard tales of arrogant religious zealots wishing to "enlighten" all others when in fact trying to just bring them under their control, but I dismissed them as mere exaggerations. I thought the Minmatar slaves I had heard that lived under the fist of the Amarr may even have been happy, if the Amarr listened to their own doctrine. But they do not, apparently. I have witnessed slaves being treated worse than I treat a ship drone, and that's saying something. Some even have implants modifying their hormone levels such that they believe they are happy in their current situation. I felt dirty just refueling at an Amarr station, knowing that it depended on such mistreatment of my brethren, some even of ancestry of my tribe.
It was at this point that I had decided to join in the liberation effort. Of course, I could do nothing by myself, as I would be soon crushed just as the slaves had been, but after mustering my resources, I obtained the necessary recommendations from the Academy in order to join the Minmatar militia: the Tribal Liberation Force.
I was excited to join in raids of slaver ships, and to set traps and combat the Amarr militia that is protecting them, and for a while that is what I did. However, as I aspired for greater results and more power from my militia allies, I came to realize that the organization of the militia is greatly lacking. Fleets form and disperse at only a moment's notice, and they seem to fly by some odd, random plan of action that is not very effective. Even moreso, some of the pilots mistake their crusade for freedom as an excuse to be "free" from the responsibility of listening to the Fleet Commander. Hell, the pirates abound in low-security space were better organized than we were. After losing several hard-to-replace ships, I came to the realization that all-out war against the Amarr empire will only cause more losses than wins, and may even be counteractive for the brethren we're supposed to be fleeing. I turned in my letter of retirement from the militia, and looked for a different course of action.
Through rumors and friends, I had heard of an alliance of capsuleer corporations named Ushra'Khan. Ushra'Khan fought for freedom of our people, but used different tactics. It stayed at peace with all the empires, but instead aimed to subvert slavery by attacking it where it is weak: at the border systems, where there are large profits to be made, but the Empire security is lacking. Ushra'Khan organizes strikes against slavers there, and aims to keep the regions near the Amarr Empire as free of slavery as possible, in order to pressure it into changing its ways.
One of my friends is a member of a corporation in Ushra'Khan, and introduced me. Eagerly, I joined, and found a community of people all willing to help each other, to fight for freedom as one. They have helped me learn many things, including how to act in a fleet, how to follow orders properly, how to use and provide useful reconnaissance, and how to clear our systems of dangerous pirates for safety and profit.
We in Ushra'Khan are now fighting two enemies: one is the Curatores Veritatis Alliance, and other minor alliances in the Providence region. They support slavery and the expansion of the Amarr Empire and its cruel ways, and are directly trying to subvert our fight for freedom by promising protection for slave exploiters in their territory. Naturally, we make it our business to make sure that protection is as questionable as possible, and by providing slave-free alternatives for those who support our cause. This has earned us the title of "terrorists" or other such nasty denominations. If we instill terror or fear, it means that we have power, even though we do not take advantage of our fellow man. We do not discriminate, and indeed many of our pilots are Amarr themselves, who have seen the light of freedom.
Our other enemy is much more notorious, and has only been a major problem more recently. The GoonSwarm Alliance has begun to take an interest in poking us and our ally, the Against ALL Authorities alliance. I am not aware of their motivation, but I believe it is just their normal "for the heck of it" stance. Since they pose a serious threat (relative to the likes of CVA) a coalition of several alliances has been formed and operations have and are being performed in a coordinated campaign at repelling the invasion. We have been met with limited to good success, though more details are classified. I can say, though, that I have participated in some operations, and while large fleet battles are much more involved and intense than I was expecting, it was a thrill and I hope to contribute my skill (and ship, life, etc) later if necessary.
Well, that's about it. All in little more than a month. It makes me excited for the future, and for what it holds. Until I get to tell you more about it, Petrus out.

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