June 7, 2018

Maximally Effective Fitting

"I'm going to fit a hybrid PvP/PvE fit!" -- "My kiting ship will also be able to brawl!" -- "This hauler is tanky so it can survive ganks!"

"My Tengu will scan down people, then gank them while jamming them, but will also be able to run PvE complexes!"
Every once in a while I see someone fall for a particularly tempting pitfall while fitting their ships. Sometimes that person is me! The pitfall: doing too many different things, or being a "jack of all trades". By the end of this post, hopefully you will understand why doing this is bad, and how to avoid falling for it.

June 4, 2018

Skill Injectors: A Newbie Trap

Warning: this post contains preachy grumbling from a bittervet. Proceed with caution.

So you started your life in New Eden! It's a wonderful big galaxy, with tons of stuff to do, but... Tragedy! You can't do most of that stuff immediately! You can't run the best missions, can't fly the biggest ships, can't explore the most fascinating stuff, and your DPS numbers look like a banana left in the sun for a week. Worst of all, many corps have "minimum SP requirements" so you can't even join them! This is all very terrible, but there is an apparent way out: skill injectors! So you buy some PLEX and spend it on injectors, thinking "it's a one time investment" to get you started. Easy, right?


May 31, 2018

Pyfa: Your Best Fitting Friend

Let's talk about fitting ships. No specific ships, just fitting in general. Fitting is best done with a plan in mind; simply slapping modules onto your ship is inadvisable at best. The built-in fitting tool has a "simulation" mode to help with that! Activate it and you get a pretend-ship that you can put any modules on (whether you own them or not), planning your fit ahead of time. That's enough, right? Wrong.

Unfortunately, the built-in fitting tool is rudimentary at best, as it lacks numerous important aspects of planning your fit. Partial item searching, implants, boosters, inter-ship effects (like command bursts), and many other features are not part of the ship simulation. Especially in capsuleer-to-capsuleer combat, where every edge counts, that is simply insufficient. That is why I am here to pitch...